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Naxos island, in Greece is the new destination of choice with tourists. Being one of the largest islands of the Cyclades chain, Naxos island, Greece provides tourists with every imaginable form of comfort and entertainment. Complete with breathtaking fine beaches, magnificent mountains and fertile valleys, Naxos island, Greece is the prefect destination for visitors of any age. Providing features which will keep all kinds of visitors happy, Naxos island, Greece has a variety of activities ranging from walking tours, family resorts, cycling, yachting and even wind surfing, which the island is particularly famous for.

Getting to Naxos island in Greece is quite easy as there are numerous ferries and even flights available to take you there. Ferries will take around 5-6 hours from Piraeus though a Highspeed will take only around 3 hours. Flights are available from Athens International Airport almost regularly, with flight duration being only 35 minutes.

Stay in Naxos island, Greece is as easy as getting there. With so many economy hotels as well as luxury hotels there is a place which suits all budgets.

The Naxos economy hotels are of very satisfactory standards and provide high quality service.

Most of these budget hotels are located around or in Naxos Town or Hora, which is the capital of the island. Divided in three major areas, Naxos Town has economy hotels and some recently built luxury hotels located at areas of interest, giving visitors the freedom to select the hotel of their choice. One area is the Old Town or Castle area where cars and bikes are banned as it is Venetian citadel, and the Naxos budget hotels located here offer you the option of being surrounded by history, especially by the view of the castle provided by most of these hotels. It is an ideal choice for visitors wanting to explore the island's history.

The second area is the Saint George area which a beach resort and is only 5 minutes away from the Naxos Town sea front. Accommodation here mostly includes cheap hotels providing great rates and good service, apart from being located so close to the sea. The final area, which includes the Saint George beach and the rest of the town is located some what in the middle and the economy hotels here provide the best of both worlds, located close to the seafront, easy access to the beach as well as close to the historically significant sights. There is also the option of renting holiday rooms or studios which are mostly available to the southern part of the town. 3D Tour - Naxos Greece - Artemis Hotel Naxos island, Greece is the ideal destination to leave your worries at home and focus on having a good time. With so many options available to visitors in terms of activities available to them such as cycling, trekking, guided tours and more and even so much choice in terms of stay, such as budget hotels, studios, holiday homes and many more, it is not surprising that so many tourists flock to this beautiful island every year.

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